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A Warm meshie day…

on April 4, 2012

Today I am spending the day with my new baby grand daughter…its a snuggle fest day and I cant wait to hold her!!! Her cheeky grin, pudgy cheeks and beautiful blue eyes warm every part of my body and soul and for those few short hours I will have with her, life will feel normal again.

Its all the little things in life that make me feel whole again..you find the joy where you can and then you embrace it…I do not take my family or friends for granted anymore, I have learned that if I build a wall, they will not come but if I let my guard down. they are here…its a very simple concept.

 I have also learned not to be so harsh with those I don’t see because I have learned that this is one of those situations that we are all still trying to figure out…I live it everyday and am just now learning to live with it, but for those that have not walked in my shoes, its not fair of me to presume to know how they feel…They do the best they can with what I have given them and for that I love them dearly.

I have also learned to not take my health for granted anymore…Wish I had figured this out years ago but I’m here now and its never to late…Although I am wracked with pain daily, I can choose the type of day I am going to have…If I fill my body with healthy nutritious food, exercise and meditation, my body will respond to my needs better…I firmly believe that what you put into your body is what you will get back from it…if you fill it with junk, the you will get junk in return…its really a very simple concept we should all live by, so why did it take me so long to figure it out…I hate change, simply put…

So I put this out to you all…I challenge you to embrace the people in your lives, embrace who and where you are today and embrace in the knowledge you do not walk alone…

4 responses to “A Warm meshie day…

  1. Linda Kilpatrick says:

    Ignorance is a factor. That is why we have to educate one woman at a time. Then we will be the victors. If doctors are saying mesh doesn’t injure then why should they believe our pain. Sometimes it is best to move on.


  2. Ruth says:

    Well said Diane. So glad you’re feeling better!

    So right about what we put in our bodies . . . I wish we all had been warned when we agreed to this surgery that we were going to be implanted with “junk” that would wreak havoc with our endocrine systems and immune systems, sending our bodies into attack mode. Sadly, we can’t erase these things, but learn and grow through them, and find strength to
    fight for change.

    I too am learning about finding joy in the midst of pain, and embracing others when I would naturally rather curl up into my cocoon and avoid everyone.


  3. Lucille Jones says:

    Hi Diane, i have read your stories and we all share the same ideas as to how we all feel. Making plans to spend a day with the grandchildren only to say,,,sorry grandmas not feeling well today and will come another day. One can make plans but we dont know till that day comes as to how we will feel. Your every word about your meshed up life has been a complete replica of ours and the sad part is i feel we will never be the same. Surgery may alleviate some symptoms but the damage to our over all heath will never be what we had. I sometimes say that i am too young to feel this damn old


  4. Nonie Wideman says:

    Dearst Diane, I couldn’t say it any better than Lucille and Ruth, our no longer silent partners, love that they can feel safe with us and contribute despite their pain too……I hope we dance………love from Nonie


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