I'm All Meshed Up

Bladder Mesh Surgery Gone Wrong

About Me…

This is my third blog but I feel it is the most important at this particular time in my life. This blog came about as a result of a surgical procedure I had done in Dec 2009 in which a mesh bladder sling was implanted in me… I want to bring awareness to what has happened to me and many other women as a result of this surgery. I believe that if we stand together as a united front, women in numbers are far more powerful than any other force to be reckoned with, especially women who have been lied to and mislead. I believe that you must walk through the eye of the storm to come out victorious, this is and always has been my mission, so on this day, let the journey begin!

5 responses to “About Me…

  1. Linda Kilpatrick says:

    I agree. What happens to women after mesh is implanted can only be described as brutal.


  2. Coubard says:

    Thank you. I was reading this with tears! My life like yours stoped Nov 2009.


    • Im sorry to hear you are going through this nightmare. Please feel free to email (imallmeshedup@live.ca) me if you want to discuss anything privately…
      Hugs and hope, Diane


      • april6369 says:

        I love what you are doing.i have been trying to find information or should I say confirmation for all of this.and you give me hope thank you


  3. Diana L Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing your mesh complications. I am almost at the end of my rope, with the pain in my lower back/hip and the discharge, burning and fatigue assoc. with my TVT operation of Dec. 08. I trusted my Doc who mhasd delivered 2 of my 5 kids, and the tape on too tight! Kept telling me it had to settle down! I had 3 doses of Levaquin for infections! Finally, dismissed him, and went to a Uriologist. Cat scan with contrast was done, and at the return appt. I was told that a tumor was found on the back side of my left kidney, and it was stage 1 cancer. I was devistated, as I had no symptoms. Hand assited surgery was done, ureter was bent by this idiot, and my kidney developed a urinoma. Had 2 tubes placed through my kidney to try and help it drain. Three weeks with tubes coming out of my left side, with drains! Kidney died, and another doctor, who is an excellent surgeon, had to perform another hand assisted surgery this time to remove the kidney! So, I had other things to feel, besides the tape problem. Kept having the pain in my lower back, and painful intercourse. Started noticing a funny odor, and discharge. Though I had another infection. So, now I am filing a class action suit against J & J, as in Oct. 08, warnings were placed, and my money hungry Doc did not warn me against any future problems. He said that my body will accept this, and it is made to be inside the body! Petroleum based ok inside the body! I am awaiting our new insurance to kick in so I can have this removed. Do not want anymore abdominal surgeries, as I still have to have adhesions removed from my previous surgeries. It makes me depressed, and I have gained a little tummy weight as I have pain, and it is hard to walk as I did beforeI, so my self esteem is down. I was too trusting. I too, have bad days, and get tired of telling people, so I just let them deal with my absence. I am grateful to be here, cancer free, but, this pain makes me scared. I hope it can be taken out with one surgery. I am unable to stand or sit for too long, and unable to hold even a part time position.


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